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I needed that

I'm glad Mondays are my "day off" (from weekly social events like Shadowdawn, Diesel, and OPN). I needed the break. Leaving the house (away from my roommate and leaky roof) to spend the day with three wonderful ladies helped a lot (three and a half if you count a toddler).
After spending the morning and early afternoon with anotherjen and Ilana, I needed further escape from the housing angst. I'm beginning to consider a few offers to move out on my own. There are time in which I want a single just to be by myself without the hassle of roommates. I took rigel's offer and hung out at Space-Time. Chinese food, Austin Powers, and in-depth conversations. It felt great.
Went back to my place by midnight where I engaged in a conversation with hammercock. Apparently, neither of us were willing to wait until Diesel to see each other. Next thing I knew, I was kidnapped to Davis. It's all good.
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