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Going Insane

I've now been working on game for hours at a time. I see, hear, and think of nothing but Gundams over and over. The same battle sequence. The same dialogue. If I don't finish this game, I will go crazy. The fact that game is technically in two weeks doesn't help. The poster hasn't gone up, the weapons need to be ordered by me, the rooms need to be reserved, and the game itself is still in the san-checking process. Ack.

I've been debating over whether to punt Legends as a result since it is happening the weekend before game. My brain is fried.

I will miss Auror as she leaves for the weekend. Looks like it's going to be me and my computer for a few days. Now, thanks to her 14.01 problem sets, I have marginal product of labor equations in my head. Gundam pilots invoking the marginal rate of substitution to use a buster rifle.
Tags: gaming, girlfriend, gundam, legends
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