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Last Night

Spent the weekend with hammercock. Saw Matrix: Reloaded. Now I have to wait 6 months until the third and final installment. The more I see the trailer, the more I *don't* want to see the third Terminator film. It was great seeing it in the Framingham theater, though I felt out of place. They serve good desserts though.
Went to a chocolate party last night at Space-Time. Saw dancingdeer, rigel, and bester there. Had to split my time between indulging in chocolate and poly talk, Starfleet Battles, and playing Amplitude/The Sims on PS2/XBox. Slept late as a result. Haven't gotten much sleep.
Unfortunately, I have to make a few decisions. My folks are hinting on me visiting Miami while my mother still has vacation time. My father is turning 76 this Friday there. There is also the invitation by hammercock to come to Maryland over the Memorial Day weekend. I have a choice. Either visit home for the week, punt visiting home to go to Maryland, do an insane travel plan where I fly to Miami and then fly to Baltimore on the return trip, or punt both. Right now, all options are even.
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