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Started with a letter from a company who was interested in my
mechanical engineering skills. This may pose a problem since it has been a while since I had anything related to that field (almost 3 years). I'm investigating the matter further. Woke up to find cthulhia at LSE all of a sudden. We had coffee while she did laundry. Bummed around in Harvard Square to inquire about art supplies and sushi. Finally got that sketch pad and charcoal pencils to see if I can still draw. So far, so good.
Went back to Barad-Dur to catch up on campaign, job hunting, and French. Got bored, learned French. The company called me back saying that the position is based in Virginia rather than Cambridge. This poses a problem. Not willing to leave everything to relocate to another state, much less Virginia.
Finally showed hammercock "American Pie 2". Saw her drunk for the first time at Asgard. Hated to see her drunk and depressed. (Drunk and fun/horny on the other hand...)
Note to self: Kick cz_unit's ass. Add the post-mortem depression I had when *she who cannot be named because she has a name counter that tracks my entries* broke up with me PLUS the hell I experienced toward the end of my relationship with auror and you get what she's feeling right now. The worse part about it is that the ex is justifying his actions in a condescending, self-righteous manner bordering on hypocrisy. Closure my ass.
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