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Slow day. Woke up at 8am to start job hunting. Went back to sleep after a few hours. Still have some campaign work to do while getting ready for Tech Squares graduation.
It's very quiet right now. Was tempted to see Stargate SG-1 (perhaps with cthulhia at Davis).
With hammercock going to New York, I continued the impulse to do what I usually do when the SO's away: go to a steakhouse or Midwest Grill. I this case, I had the latter. I admit that I didn't believe that they catered vegetarians. In fact, the menu pretty much summed up as giving you one of three choices : The Meat Plate, The Veggie Plate, the Seafood Plate.
To add further stress, my roommate is reminding me about the fact that my floor is being sold. As if I didn't have enough problems with the job hunt. This is almost the longest that I've been looking for work.
In the meantime, part of me likes the quiet and solitude. The rest of me misses the company. Just feel a little sluggish.
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