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Oh yeah! Roast kicked ass last night. There were two sides of me during Steer Roast that night. I started the evening wearing a black leather trenchcoast, Ranger vest, and mirror sunglasses while armed with a camcorder. Wore the button made on Tuesday:

Polyamory: Kindergarten taught me how to share

Got the lighting and most of the mud wrestling on tape at a price (there was splattered mud on my coat). Hammercock missed the beginning of the events. Nonetheless, we went to Emma's for some exotic pizza (sweet potato and goat cheese). It was delicious.
I went back with a change and different look. Tuxedo clad with mirror sunglasses and a streak of purple in my hair. It was suave enough to get the attention of some of the ladies (even made out with a few). The real sight was seeing hammercock in her bodice, spider skirt and matching cape.

Note: In the 10.2 months that we've gone out, this is the first time I saw her in make-up.


I was speechless and distracted at the sight. It was like that until 1:30am. Just when I was about to leave, the amateur strip contest happened. *sigh*
Didn't strip this year in public (I think people were thanking me for that). The night was wonderful.
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