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Still job hunting. Trying to get myself in order. Rented "Rodger Dodger" and "CSI: First Season". If I ever get as pathetic as the title protagonist in the former, please shoot me. However, it does give me wierd thoughts about the urban club and bar scene.
Did a little walking around Faneuil Hall by myself. Hitting the restaurants and local bars. Didn't do any drinking. Just observed. Now, I'm wondering. I'm 25. I'm pretty much at the age where I should be clubbing, drinking, and socializing. Everything is supposed to be casual and debaucherous. It must be the fact that Steer Roast is exactly one week away.
For me, Steer Roast is that one night out of the year where anything goes. I can be loose. I can be dangerous. Drinking, gambling, stripping (long story on that one). Maybe I'm just rambling.
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