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Easter and True Pain

Easter came and went. I can finally drink coffee now. Just need to head to the Diesel or the Student Center. Plans were a little disheveled since hammercock sprained her ankle. The end of a perfect week for her. Spent the entire day with her comforting her. Missed a couple of parties in the process, but they probably would understand the situation. She's still a little broken up about the entire series of events that happened this past week.

Can't blame her. That's an understatement.

She is experiencing true pain. The pain of deceit. The pain of detachment. But most of all, the pain of betrayal. This is the worst kind. You feel it when you experience a very bad break-up. I've been lucky to experience it only three times, but then again, I've had only 3 exes.

For the record, the theory that it takes half the length of the relationship to get over its break-up is true. It took me over a year to stop hating #2 and 4 months to get over auror. Since hammercock's relationship lasted 3+ years, this means many months of recovery. I admit that this has taken up much of my time, concentration, and energy.

Many apologies to my friends if I haven't been around much, but this is an emergency. All I can do is be there for her and understand what she's going through. Hopefully, she can get her ankle healed by Friday for Margaret Cho and NEFFA.

On a random note, I recently got the DVD of "Into the Woods" with the original Broadway cast (Bernadette Peters as the Witch). I saw the revival on December with Vanessa Williams. It turned out that I was lucky to see it before the show closed a few days later. I would like to find a tape of the MTG production.
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