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Wild Party

One of the problems of not posting for days is that when you do, you have to compress a week of memories into a few paragraphs.
Went to Otis to wish auror a happy birthday along with 12 other people. Still amazed at the games, DVD, tapes people brought for a 2.5 day visit. Bester, in his fun bouts of insanity, prepared a lavish meal of marinated broiled meat and artichoke with zucchini bread. Delicious. I was very glad that hammercock was able to come. We slept like logs while making hammentaschen for Saturday and Sunday. It was fun but brief. Played SFB, B5 Wars, Taboo, Boggle, etc. A lot of the snow melted which was good considering the last time (almost stuck on a snow bank). Returned just in time to catch a glimpse of "Children of Dune". Very cool.
On a random note, I saw "The Brak Show" for the first time. I now have this sudden urge to sing:

War is my profession. War is my obsession.
Nothing I like better than a violent intercession.
Blood must be spilled, thick enough to swim in
As I hear the lamentation of my conquered foes women.
War! It's good for me!
What's my name? THUNDERCLEESE!
War! It's good for me!
What's my name? ___

Yesterday I received an invitation for a St. Patrick's Day party. There was just one problem: it was in MY HOUSE. My roommates surprised me with that. I mean, people actually visiting the place? When was the last time? Ironically, I was the one who was shopping for hammentaschen food and booze all day with last-minute clean-ups.
Note: I have used up my act of compassion for the week
The party was a hit. Barad-Dur is now officially party central for Lechmere. In fact, it can be described as a St. Patty's/roommate swap/housewarming party. I invented a cool green drink that was delicious. The only drawback was that my roommate wound up vomiting at the toilet towards the end. In my inebriated state as the most conscious resident (be afraid), I helped her. Both of us wound up sleeping on the tile floor in the bathroom. Fortunately, I wasn't that drunk.
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