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Intercon C

I'm back from a weekend of die-hard LARPing in a mythical place called Chelmsford. Intercon C was great fun but hard work, especially in the order of costuming.

I had a huge duffel bag just for costumes which included:

2 Jedi costumes
1 Earthforce uniform
1 white bathrobe
1 heavy black cloak
1 Medieval Lord's wear
3 lightsabers
1 boffer sword
1 real katana sword (They let me get away with it)
1 Ducky outfit ("Pretty in Pink", NOT Webster)

It was a bitch to transport everything. Still had this urge to yell at my roommate for being 2 hours late in leaving on Friday.

Friday: Registration and Funkanomicon
There were a lot of MIT people attending Intercon, including auror, laura47, sonata960, and earthdragon. Got a chance to quickly reacquaint myself with some people who I haven't seen since Intercon XVII in Maryland a few months ago. A friend of mine was the GM of a game in which the plot revolved around Funk and dancing the Funk. It was good. It was a late game, but since it was my first for the evening, I have a few hours to kill to help set up and rest (had 2 hours of sleep previous night). Had a look that was purely 80s funk. It was the hit of the weekend. My favorite was challenging zebediah to a dance-off. Imagine two experienced dancers (in various forms: Russian, tap, swing, etc.) going at it against each other. The game lasted late. Still am amused by the costuming, especially the rigel angel/devil wear. Oh, why am I not surprised.

Saturday and the Rush
Future's Hope:
It was a dream character. Being a Jedi in the Temple. I used my Anakin lightsaber this time. It was a hoot working with some of the players, especially earthdragon, Derek, and a new girl. I got to play self-righteous without being evil. Hard to do. The costumes were great, especially those that were handmade and look authentic. My only reget was not engaging in a duel despite my character being among the best saber fighters.

It was small and a tad slow. I have to say that this was among the nicest intergalactic political intrigue LARP. Met some new gamers there as well. The only trouble was that with my Earthforce uniform, black cloak, and katana, my costume weighted 40 lbs. The fact that there was little physical activity involved helped. Missed my friends since they were in other LARPs.

Prince's Diamond Jubilee:

This was among my favorite in terms of roleplaying. I used my Funkanomicon gear to create the ultimate alter ego: Johnny Blue. A loner, a rebel, a man of Jazz and Blues. I stood out like a sore thumb, which was the point. It's all about the look. I hope there were pictures available. Too bad I couldn't maintain the personality at the dance party that evening.

It was at the dance party that I get that feeling every Intercon. There is one thing worse that being alone in the darkness and in an empty room: being alone in a crowd. It felt like everybody came with someone else or at least had the charisma to make sure that they would be with someone in the evening. I was dancing like crazy, but I never had a real partner on the floor. One constant thought came to my mind throughout that day:

"I wish hammercock was here, then I wouldn't be alone."

It was about that point that I ask myself a paradoxical question: "Am I being antisocial because people are ignoring me, or are people ignoring me because I'm being antisocial?" It's like which came first,the chicken or the egg?

Sunday: Closing Time
Got a few hours of sleep to participate in Panel: the LARP. It was anarchy. It was chaos. It was great. Definitely deserving a repeat.

Now I'm hooked for Intercon D. Too bad I now have to concentrate on paying bills and job hunting. This weekend was a good escape from that.
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