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Many people think that I'm clueless or silent. I think fast. I act fast. My actions carry more weight than my words. I'm like the trained assasin: I make my shots count. I absorb all the information, ramification, and possible outcomes of other people's conversations and can process them in a few seconds with as few words as possible. Which brings me to the subject.

That one word can summarize my reaction to auror's new look. It a great reaction. I very much like her new look and the fact that she did this for a cause. It's the "Whoa" #1. There are three type of "Whoa" one can have in a situation:

(1) Lloyd Dobbler's "Whoa" when he meets Diane Court for the first time in "Say Anything". A word of amazement and wonder at something beautiful.

(2) Chap's "Whoa" when a piece of Mir is about to collide with his shuttle in "Armageddon". A word of adrenaline rush to get out fast.

(3) Tyler Durden's "Whoa" when a bullet nearly blows his head off in "Fight Club". A word of "Not cool."

Hence, this is "Whoa" #1

Note: All three films are worth seeing for their shear contrast to each other (teen romance-comedy vs. cheesy sci-fi adventure vs. hard-core drama-action).

All this text was through my head in seconds and summarized in one word.
Tags: girlfriend, humanity, movies, shyness
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