Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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Long week

Game not going as I hoped. It seems like the universe is conspiring against my character to do anything productive. So, why am I still playing? I'm having a hard time concentrating since my life has been divided between work, the 10-day, and nothing much else. To be honest, I prefer the nothing much else to the work and 10-day. I miss hanging out with my friends and with hammercock. I'm going to probably miss Diesel Friday tomorrow. Given the timing, I probably won't be able to say good-bye to pookfreak in person before she leaves.
This brings me back to Arisia which I was fortunate enough to attend if only for a few hours. Still can't believe that I actually bought a Jedi cloak. Note to self: get a Sith Park T-Shirt. Saw some people who I haven't seen in months. The list is too long to go into detail right now. Finally saw cz_unit for the first time. I felt like the third wheel, but it was good to meet him. Saw both the Livejournal and the polyamory lectures. Still the young one compared to those who have done this for years, going into the decades. It has occurred to be at that point that I haven't been taking care of myself recently. Been doing things for other people for a while without expecting anything in return. Not healthy.
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