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Keeping my sanity

One gets tired of getting up at 7am for work. At least my supervisor was impressed at my progress in work. This was definitely different from a week ago. However, eventually the 45 work week and no lunch breaks are paying off. (one of the problems was wandering around Boston for 2-hour breaks)
The drawback is that I had little to no time to prep for Nanopunk, especially costume shopping.
After work, I decided to search through Chinatown where I ran into electriccat. Almost didn't see her (vision was blurred due to starting at the screens for 9 hours straight). Got to chat. It was good to see her again. The last time was Christmas dinner. The wandering across Chinatown was not successful. Got offered girls by a street vendor (or was it a pimp), but no costumes. Had better success at the Garment District with a chef's uniform for $4! Got a matching hat at the Galleria for $8. Now I just need to memorize my character sheet.
It will be hard to balance a 10-day and my job right now. Won't be able to make it to Arisia tomorrow. Going to try for Saturday. Talk about being a little wired, a little tired.
Thank you all for your patience and tolerance during these past few days. I promise to be more social and coherent. Recently, my mental capacity was channeled to the job and nothing much else. My spicy brains were turned to tapioca. But at least the effort this week paid off a little.
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