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2002: My Year in Review

Trying to enjoy the last few days of my vacation. I return this Thursday after New Year's Day. And at 3:30am, I have decided to reflect on the year which has been either a rite of passage or a moment of transition. For that, I quote Babylon 5:

"The future is all around us, waiting, in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation."

I think the theme for 2002 for me was growing up, for at the start of my 25th year, I realize that I'm a 20-something urban professional. I'm in my work for the long haul. Can't date MIT freshmen (without it being sketchy). I'm being pulled away from my old family to a new one that I forged from old and new friends. The social circles that I've been exposed to this year have matured. I admit that I have hammercock to thank for part of it.

2002 started off with bitterness, chaos, and slight depression. Returned from a disasterous holiday visit from my family in Miami to a company under new ownership and a relationship under new stress. The strange irony is that the relationship, which introduced me to poly, ended with the ex deciding to go monogamous on me with one of her old exes. The first few months can best be described as Spike being dumped by Dru to be briefly with Angelus.

I found myself surviving layoff rounds and failed crushes. To this day, I still don't know which was worse. The only constants were Legends, Shadowdawn, and the Assasins' Guild. (2002 was the year I made my debut as GM with "Endless Waltz" the SIK game.)
It was the year I tried to understand polyamory in all of its forms. (Apparently, the MIT-version was relatively short-term and unstable compared to triads 5-10 years old.) First came Diesel; then came OPN. And then came hammercock.

If I were to tell my former self a year ago, that I was going to have a sane, stable, *AND* long-term relationship with a scandalous, divorced, Jewish, polyamorous, red-headed vegetarian who is seven years my senior, he would have laughed. My entries these past 6 months do little justice to how my relationship with hammercock has affected me. Thanks to her, I've been exposed for the first time to the following things: Chai, Iron Chef, Good Eats, Voltaire (the musician), hot tubs, Austrailian rock bands, porcini mushrooms, Margaret Cho stand-up comedy, Father Ted, sex, etc... Over time, I started spending more time with my friends and her friends than with my family. They helped me allieve the stress I had this year with regards to my brothers. They are my new family as part of a new life on my own outside of Miami. Cambridge is my home. Hope to make the most of it.

I don't know what 2003 will bring, but I'll make sure that it won't be boring.
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