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100 Interesting Things About Me

I've been reading similar entries and have been curious. Here's a
1. I was born in New York to a Cuban father and a mother whose parents are from Puerto Rico.
2. My father was 50 when I was born.
3. My mother was only 24 when I was born.
4. They have been together for 31+ years.
5. They hate each other.
6. For a while, I thought I was allergic to macademia nuts.
7. I'm an omnivore, though I'm dating a vegetarian.
8. I'll eat anything that contains either natural or artificial strawberries.
9. Got bored one time and memorized half the IMDb.
10. I've seen over a 1,000 movies.
11. As a result, I have no favorite film.
12. Also as a result, people have been hesitant to mention Kevin Bacon in front of me.
13. Got bored one time and learned the piano.
14. When I was 12, I thought I would be married with kids by the time I was 24.
15. I just turned 25 nearly two weeks ago.
16. I've only dated 4 people more than once in my entire life.
17. They were all relationships ranging from 4 months to 2.5 years old.
18. Never had a girlfriend in high school.
19. Tried to ask Oksana Baiul to my senior prom.
20. Went to my senior prom alone.
21. Lost my virginity just this year at 24.
22. Also learned how to ride a bike this year at 24.
23. Am extremely shy when it comes to asking people out.
24. One of my past relationships nearly resulted in me proposing.
25. That is why I'm hesitant to think about marriage these days.
26. I'm at least in speaking terms with two of my exes.
27. One of them introduced me to polyamory 1.5 years ago. I compare this to Drusilla siring Spike.
28. Did a film strip about Louis Pasteur when I was 7.
29. Kids picked on me because I was an A+, type-A student.
30. Learned algebra when I was 9.
31. Learned calculus when I was 14.
32. Did three years of biofluid mechanics in FIU starting when I was 14.
33. I wanted to go into robotics when I graduated elementary and junior high.
34. I wanted to be a biomedical engineer when I graduated high school.
35. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer when I graduated MIT.
36. I now test billing software.
37. I'm attracted to redheads and brunettes, though there have been two exceptions (in terms of blondes I like).
38. I apparently have this thing about women who weigh more than I do. ("I like big butts, and I cannot lie...")
39. Again, there are a couple of exceptions.
40. Nowadays, I seem to be attracted to older women with a couple of exceptions.
41. I'm exceptions.
42. I find myself curious about a second relationship.
43. Want relationships with women less fucked up than I am.
44. The northernmost I've traveled to is Montreal.
45. The westernmost I've traveled to is Memphis.
46. The southernmost I've traveled to is Puerto Rico.
47. The eastermost I've traveled to is also Puerto Rico.
48. I wear size 14 shoes even though I'm barely 6' in height.
49. Haven't driven since the '90s, though I got a MA license anyway.
50. Been stoned three times in my life.
51. Been seriously drunk twice in my life (to the point of vomiting).
52. I'm addicted to sugar, the internet, and sex.
53. Die hard fan of Babylon 5, Star Trek, and Wierd Al.
54. Was introduced to Iron Chef, Tivo, diet Vanilla Coke, and sex by my current girlfriend.
55. Used to be a perfectionist, then I went to MIT.
56. Trying to avoid a pot belly.
57. I played hockey before I learned how to ice skate.
58. Used to learn American Sign Language when I was little.
59. I remember all of my past teachers.
60. I like sleeping in the nude only when I'm with someone.
61. I used to do artwork during high school.
62. Can still sketch machines and vehicles.
63. Used to have insomnia.
64. I'm not in good speaking terms with my two younger brothers.
65. The first book I read more than once was "1984".
66. Took every single AP class offered in high school.
67. I tried to apply for "The Real World"
68. Applied for the "Jeopardy" college tournament.
69. Came close to the finals, but I had to leave the exams early due to a scheduling error by my mom.
70. Never lived in a place with a dishwasher.
71. Afraid of being like my father.
72. That's is why I can't see myself being a father myself.
73. Lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks due to a combination of strep throat and flu.
74. I don't wear either jewelry or wrist watches.
75. Was in a quandry over whether to cut my hair due to the women I was trying to impress.
76. Don't remember exactly how the nickname "Iago" started.
77. I have a stainless steel katana in my place.
78. I know how to use it.
79. I once had a dislike for dogs before my two pets, Billy and Gizmo came to my life.
80. Can't sing, but was in the MIT production of "Fiddler on the Roof"
81. Can dance contra, square, waltz, and stunt (acrobatic style).
82. I love giving and receiving massages of all types.
83. I have hot tubbed in the nude only three times in my life.
84. My sense of humor seems to be similar to that of Chandler Bing: sarcastic and dry.
85. My mother was once from the NYPD with a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.
86. She's 5' 1", approaching 50, and can still kick my ass.
87. I’m an incredible packrat.
88. I have the sudden urge to wear a trenchcoat and lift up a boombox when I hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes".
89. I wanted to be like David Copperfield for a while.
90. I'm a history buff who is frustrated at the mistakes that mankind is repeating.
91. Favorite songs are "We Didn't Start the Fire", "In Your Eyes", "Crazy" (by Seal), and "Desert Rose"
92. Got bored one time and learned the Minbari language.
93. Despite my lack of driving skills, I prefer to drive automatic transmission cars over stick-shifts.
94. My strongest subjects were math, history, and science.
95. I'm a terrible writer.
96. Tried to take graduate courses in mechanical engineering at Northeastern University with little success.
97. Sometimes can't see myself living past 40.
98. Used to be a chivalrous romantic like a Ranger or Jedi Knight before my last two break-ups.
99. Like to think that I can still be one.
100. I want to enjoy my life now more than ever.
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