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Tis the Season

Even in vacation, I sometimes find myself as busy as in work. This is not a bad thing. Going to New York, for example, is more stress relieving. And yet, it still feels like a blur. One of the problems with not updating your journal for days is that, once you do want to write, you forget. My memory isn't what it used to be, so I'll try my best.
I disappeared to New York for four days and four nights with hammercock. Stayed at the Radisson Lexington which was very good for a last-minute reservation. It brought back memories of my last visit in November 2001. It was our first romantic getaway. Rockafeller Center. Guggenheim museum. Walk through Central Park. Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium. Empire State Building (where they have an Au Bon Pain that sells Krispy Kreme donuts). Park Avenue. Times Square. Battery Park. Chinatown. SoHo. Broadway. Greenwich Village. WTC Site. Wall Street. I regret that we missed the ferry to Liberty Island, but I saw the lady from a distance in the sunset. That image will be in my mind for a very long time. Then, there are the walks we took through Chinatown. I was introduced to vegetarian dim sum and this great tea place called Tea & Tea on Mott Street. Purchased a couple of goblets in a Goth shop in Greenwich Village. It was fortunate to have tickets to see one of Venessa William's final performances as the witch in the Broadway production of "Into the Woods". I regret not seeing the MIT MTG version. A copy of the tape would be appreciated. I was in the spending mood getting something for hammercock's housemates. In geek fashion, I got them an Atari 2600 joystick which contains 10 Atari games inside. I love 21st century technology. There was also a dinner at a vegetarian Asian place (and 24-hour diner thereafter) with a couple of hammercock's friends: greentara and humandays. They were from California. Good people. I was able to catch a significant portion of my trip on video to send to my parents as a Chrtistmas present (being avant New Yorkers before the move to Miami). It was interesting introducing my parents to hammercock on film. Now they know who I've been seeing for the past 6 months. :) Alsas, despite, the travels, only a small fraction of New York was covered in four days. It was a blast nonetheless. It will be in my memories with hammercock. We definitely have to do that more often. Maybe Montreal...when it's a tad warmer
Coincidentally, we returned from our trip just in time for a potluck party at her place with all of her friends. Saw a cute goth klingonlandlady there with her sweetie along with equally cute pookfreak, anotherjen,
, and electriccat. Barely had time to put my things down when the party started.

Then came the Christmas Eve dinner.

It's usually during the holiday spirit that I get carried away in terms of shopping. In this case, I purchased the Linda's Fudge Cake from the Cheesecake factory along with some wine. (BTW: the Chateau du Moulin Rouge works great for a beef tenderloin dinner). Actually, it was a lot of wine. jbsegal, kb17, and tcb have done a lot for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning/afternoon. They made me feel welcome. At times, it was almost overwhelming since (1) this is one of hammercock's first Christmas, and (2) this is the first Christmas I'm spending without my family. But, it looks like I'm forging a new family in my home in Boston with friends old and new. I'm still grateful of the gifts I received from hammercock and her friends (especially the books and Risk: The Lord of the Rings edition). As I write, I'm listening to Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics. Great CD. I love it. I'm glad she liked the Evenstar necklace I got for a Christmas/6-month gift (Yes, THAT necklace). Note to self: work on my Elven tongue.
Unfortunately, the fun can't last forever. I am still cleaning my place. Hell, I should try living in my place. Too bad that I only have a week left in my vacation before I go back to work. Still need to clean up a few things in my life.
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