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Freedom and Insanity

Been working for 8 hours now, and it's only 1pm (do the math). Going crazy trying to make a deadline. The rush begins. I'll try to peace together the events that have happened these past few days (and will happen the next few days) as coherently as possible.
* Still nervous about visiting my family for Thanksgiving given what happened. My brother may be back, but the damage is already done. *sigh* It's scary when I'm considered the sane/mature/responsible one in the family. Regardless, I leave Wednesday afternoon.
* Friday and Saturday: Great parties. Hammercock and I had a great time. In a meditation state at a hot tub, I have found more comfort in being polyamorous (as well as a few particularly cute ladies to flirt with). Regret being late for the Saturday event. Run was late. Phone was dead. Hammercock was slightly peeved. Not supposed to do that. Oops. Make my own sushi (badly). Finally saw Wicked City and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust in the company of a fabulous redhead and a cute blonde until 2am. It would be one of the last moments of peace before work deadline in two weeks.
*The look on people's faces when I start the "Kevin Bacon" game: priceless
*Rushed to have first campaign combat. Success. Too exhausted to see Harry Potter sequel. Instead got ready for long haul at work.
*Going to concert tonight. Last night of peace and comfort before the trip and deadline. Now I have this sudden urge to hear Genesis before Peter Gabriel left
*Sleep dep. Was robbed of lazy Sunday afternoon due to campaign schedule. Was robbed of usual 4 hours Sunday sleep last night due to work.
*Boston looks pretty during the sunrise.
*My job sucks right now. May have to pull 12-hour work days.
*Tech Squares is tomorrow. Last event before graduation. Should I stay or should I go.
*A Tech Square student recognized me from a photo in the Tech about the Assasins' Guild. How?
*Got the green light to leave work on December 13 and not come back until next year.
*Don't know what to do with that second half of December. Thoughts of a return to Montreal pop up. Would like to bring hammercock. I want to seriously travel with her (i.e. stay overnight at a city that's not in MA) and see the world.
*With the madness that's going on, I have the interest, but do I have the ability to pursue a second relationship?
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