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Shadowdawn ended early. It's wet and icky outside. It has become more difficult to be coherent in my thought processes. Maybe it's the 50+ work weeks that I'm pulling due to a major deadline. Maybe it's the campaign which is in high gear now. Maybe it's the fact that I'm going to Miami for Thanksgiving. The last one is causing some trepidation. It hasn't been a week since I received that phone call from my mother. Haven't heard much of her since then, but she finally wanted me to come despite the fact that everybody has broken apart from each other back home. I say the term "home" loosely these days. Miami was where I grew up intellectually and physically before I went to MIT. Couldn't afford to grow up socially back then. My family had problems but it was still together thanks in part to my mother. Now, things have changed. To be honest, part of me doesn't want to hear more horror stories about how my brothers and fathers have mistreated each other and my mother for the last several years. Part of me is afraid who will be left when I do arrive in Miami. In the meantime, I've been trying to sleep with difficulty while concentrating on the following elements of my life right now:
* A good job which I've surprisingly held for over two years despite my frequent burn-outs.
* A Babylon 5 Wars campaign which has been developing since last summer.
* A polyamorous relationship with a hot redhead who is just as insane as I am (but in a good way)
* A social life with fellow MIT students and alums many of whom are hot ladies.

Hope to rid myself of angst on those elements. I've already rid myself of rigel angst (long story).
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