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Long Day

Woke up too early. Actually went to work before 9am. Need to deal with several things in addition to work today. Among those: (1) prep for Legends this weekend (and get a ride in the process), (2) get my reserved copy of B5, Season 1, (3) finish a series of test plans in less than five weeks, (4) get a haircut. My hair has gotten too long to manage. Now comes the part where I contemplate cutting it since ladies in the MIT community fancy men with long hair. It appears to be a turn-on for them. As a result, I cut it short mostly out of spite. If I'm under the impression that hair length is the only difference between making myself visually appealing to some ladies or not, then it's not worth growing a ponytail. Besides, it's trivial by comparison. I'm not dating hammercock solely because she's a redhead.
Which brings me to last night. We went to a place called Evoo to celebrate hammercock's divorce. Wonderful restaurant. The porcini plan was delicious. It reminded me of an Iron Chef episode. Should go there more often, though I'll need to shrug off the pounds.
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