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I should start off with two incidents that happened today. First, my supervisor left after over two years of dedicated service. As a result, most of her work has been transfered to be integrated into my projects. Don't mind the work, but suddenly it dawned on me. My mentor is gone. This is not some temp job or a occupational fling. This is the real thing. I'm in it for the long haul. The training wheels and net are gone. I'm no longer the kid or the rookie. Like John Carter, I had to grow up. And I'm only 24.
Left work to get ready for a Halloween party at DoomCom. The Anakin costume still didn't arrive, so I had to make stuff from my Legends costumes. It took a while for them to get it, though the lightsaber should have tipped them off. It's not everyday you go trick-or-treating at Chuck Vest's home. It was also at the party that I unexpectedly tried to resolve things with auror. It has been over six months since she broke up with me. I won't go into details, but one big mistake I made was just letting it happen. I took the punishment without any emotional backlash or struggle. I kept all of the anger, frustration, and misery bottled up inside for so long. Made me numb for a very long time. I was burned. This is what I told her. I wanted to get it off my chest for so long. I like to think it resolved matters. Now I find irrationality and confusion.
I already played the "Who are you? What do you want?" game already.
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