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I left work for lunch. Then, I left for New York City. There was a performance by Tim Freedman of the Whitlams that hammercock wanted to go to (The Whitlams is/are her favorite band). There's something about Aussie bands...ANYWAY. We both made excellent timing (Boston to NY in 4 hours). I was given a crash course in Freedman 101.
The minute we went to the city, I was in awe. It has been 11 months since I last set foot in the town. I missed it. The fact that we ended up on the Upper East Side was a definite plus. I tried to savor every moment. The performance was at a place on Lafayette called The Time Cafe which in itself contained an underground restaurant/bar/stage called Fez. The atmosphere was great. Got front row tables where I indulged in black bean quesadillas and pizza with shitake mushrooms. I was hesitant to fulfill the two drink minimum at the place, but ordered their Sex in the City and Casablanca specials. Fruity, but they pack a punch. So much for the Ewan McGregor "No alcohol, no dairy" Trainspotting diet. Got hazy for a while (still can't hold my liquor). Freedman kicked ass. I now have "There's No Aphrodisiac" in my head.
After the performance, we took a talk on E 2nd Avenue for a late-night outing. When I visit New York, I swore myself that I would not leave unless I ate the following:
* 1 slice of New York pizza
* 1 potato kenish
* 1 hot dog from a street vendor
* 1 corned beef on rye with root beer from a deli
* 1 White Castle hamburger
Under the circumstances, since it was a visit for only a few hours, I was content with just a New York pizza. Had fun at a 24 hour corner store where I had Stewart's Black Cherry.
The drive back was...surreal. Barely left the city before midnight. Once again, I had to keep both driver and navigator conscious during a long road trip in the middle of the night. I failed last night. *sigh*. Still feel pretty bad about it. It wasn't until 4am that I returned. Note to self: stock up on caffeine instead of alcohol.
Still a little out of it, but no headache. A long awaited package just arrived from Agents of Gaming. Tomorrow is the last day to order things before the company goes out of business. I'm tempted to get some miniatures.
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