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Time: So much and yet so little

Spent 12 hours last night working. Not the best way to celebrate the holidays (even though it was Columbus Day). Couldn't even step out to talk to hammercock in person; I had to settle for YIM. I learned three valuable lessons over the weekend: (1)computer on + personal heater on = tripped circuit, (2) it pays to have a car when the 24-hour McDonald's only applies to drive-thrus at 12:30 in the morning, (3) one can be LARPed out.
I just cancelled a 10-day due to time constraints. To be honest, I needed the break. Haven't seen my lady friend since Thursday evening. (Someone once called her "my redhead".) I hope she's better after her trip. Need to put in as much time before I head off to Legends. If I did participate in the 10-day, I wouldn't have a free weekend until mid-November. It felt like Intercon, then New Deal, then Legends, the Shadowdawn, then 10-day, then more Intercon. Fuck that. I've been so many characters, I want to just be me for a little while--even if I now have a reputation as being either notorious or clumsy as a villain. Not surprised with a nickname like "Iago". Now it truly fits.
On a random note, I'm now hooked on sushi, popcorn, and Tivo. Used to be hooked on billiards. I need the practice for Legends if I'm going to perfect my fighting skills. In the meantime, I need a nap.
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