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More Intercon

I think I can process now. Had a class last night. Saw hammercock for the first time since I got back. We indulged in vegetarian Chinese food, Chai tea ice cream, and Margaret Cho videos. I missed her. I was able to partially explain what happened to me this weekend.
It started with total sleep deprivation on Friday resulting in me occassionally falling asleep during the trip to Maryland with truthspeaker. Remind me never to hit the New Jersey Turnpike again. Come to think of it, remind me never to cross New Jersey again. All the rumors are true, especially the truck stops. Too many tolls. The 80+ mph driving kept me awake most of the time. It allowed us to arrive before 5pm. Then the fun started.
To mirror a comment by rigel, for a while, I seemed to be the youngest participant at 24. Please feel free to correct me if this is not the case. It seemed that way in conversations with people with wives, husbands, and children. It was a interesting concept for me for children to be in an Intercon. I didn't expect the weekend to be a family event, especially given the dance parties afterwards (more on that later).
Also, dude, poly people at Intercon! My exploration continues, especially with the women of Intercon XVII. As for the games:
It was fun being a stuffed dinosaur in "Dealers Room After Dark". Don't know how I got a nomination for Best Bad Guy in the game. It felt like Toy Story, Episode I. The beauty of Intercon games is their emphasis on roleplaying rather than the mechanics. This is also what makes me enjoy Legends a lot. Shadowdawn is different in a sense that the GURPs system mechanics blend effectively with the roleplaying so that (in theory) there's a synergy. I guess the same can be said about my B5 Wars campaign (also in theory). But I digress.
Irony: thy name is me.
I brought a video camera to record the entire weekend. With the beautiful costumes, props, and settings, I would have lots of things to capture. But I was having so much fun roleplaying, that I constantly forgot to get a shot except for a Moulin Rouge party (more on that later).
"Minefield" was unique and fun. I gave my T2 shades to the son of the GM for a while. It was great being in military garb. I should take pictures of me in costume for hammercock one of these days.
"Death by Deatheast" was...strange. I played a blender. There was an apocalypse to prevent. Enough said.
"Crossroads II" was awesome. I was better exposed to the Kindred universe as I played a thirteenth century elder. The costumes were awe inspiring. I had to settle for Dark Jedi uniforms to make my costume look period. It was fun, especially during an incident with a blonde who played a Middle Eastern vampire named Akila. Hope to see her again one of these days. She was cute as a blonde and in a black wig.
Before I talk about Rules to Live By, I must talk about Moulin Rouge. There was a party with the setting and background of a certain Nicole Kidman movie with ladies on the dance floor in corsets, bodices, and feather boas. It was a party to remember. I went there in a Lord's shirt and black cloak to get into the spirit of things. It was there that I recorded most of my footage. It was there that I met a cute lady for partner dancing that I will appropriately nickname Tango B. She was very attractive. She also does a mean back rub (my back was twisted during the ride to and from Intercon). Hope to hear from her again. I haven't danced the tango in over two years. Never had the opportunity to do so again with a sultry partner in a long green? dress until that Friday night. It felt good being flirtatious through dance rather than just words. I believe in using action more than words. Talk is cheap unless it's at the right party. It was times like this when I had this mental contradition (1) it feels great to be poly, and (2) I wish hammercock was here to experience this as well. A great party. I tend to play a game since I tend to observe other party goers from a distance and wonder who they are associated with, or rather who they *will* be associated with. And then there is rigel and the multiple men who seem to be around her. The one constant at Intercon weekends. Either way, there was this aura of energy that flowed during the weekend.
And then there's my exposure to RTLB and M.Y. Playing his "Arena of Blood" makes me partially regret missing Dark Summonings. As much as I would have enjoyed that weekend, I needed the break and the time since I was in too many LARPs in September and October, especially coming out of Legends and Shadowdawn. Considering the funk I was in last week, this was a nice change. It's all good.
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