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Last Night

If my relationships are this passionate and ecstatic after three months, I look forward to the first anniversary. Then again, I only had one relationship prior that survived the first anniversary. Either way, it's definitely starting and continuing on a Wow note.
Last night started with a mad dash to the supermarket for emergency supplies (tub clogged at the last minute). On my way back, a truck pulled over neared me with this driver. Not to be critical, but if there was any man who could act any gayer than him....The high-pitched whiny voice, the posture, the hand and head gestures. In his most effeminate voice, he asked me if I know the directions to an interstate (like 93). I'm still new to the area around Barad Dur to know the way. I've gotten too used to walking. That, and the fact that I was pressed for time, made me honestly say "Sorry. I don't know." He quickly responded "You are such a liar," swiveled his head, gave me the hand, and drove away. I was tempted to say "And you are such a drama queen" but I bit my tongue and went home to prepare for a date. It's getting to a point in which I'm asked for directions every three days. Still, WTF!!!!
Once hammercock came, the evening improved. We both went to this Afghanistan place called Helmond. It's usually closed most of the day, but during the evenings, it's packed. Yummy appetizers with yogurt&garlic sauce. Ordered champagne to celebrate our three months. Still can't hold my liquor. Note to self: work on my gift-giving techniques. She gave me scented candles. I gave her "Father Ted" (long story). After which, we indulged in Goodiva truffles that I got earlier as well as *censored* before watching a DVD I just got from Austrailia called "Better than Sex". To make a long story short, I now feel like a resident of Barad Dur with hammercock as an honored, invited guest. It's all good. :)
Once I finish work, I should finish up my campaign. I know I keep saying that, but it's making progress. Tomorrow is probably my free night. May hang out at Space-Time. Either way, I should prep for Intercon XVII (by actually renting a place to stay in Baltimore).
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