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Hard Work

If there's one thing I learned in my failed relationships is not to take them for granted, otherwise complacency will dominate and there would be no chance of growth. Creating a relationship is one thing. Maintaining it is hard work. This holds especially true for poly relationships.
Barely got sleep last night since my B5 activities were delayed until 2am (long story). If I had a second relationship, I would never get any sleep...period. Starting to regret having to punt Dark Summonings, but it had to be done. I may still attend the Sunday event, but then I got invited to visit an old co-worker who got laid off in my company's last round. To be honest, I think she invited me for my magic tricks rather than my company. *sigh*
It's hard to think straight when you infrequently sleep. Don't know how am I going to survive class starting this Monday. I still haven't received confirmation yet. This sucks.
So much work.
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