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Morning Woes

Set my alarm to go off at 6am. Woke up but phased back into sleep where I had the strangest dream. I can't explain the details (due to embarassing sexual innuendo), but it involves being on the run in a mall after an encounter with an infamous Anne Bancroft character.
It felt like a nightmare than a dream. Woke up at 7:11 as a result. That's when I realized the problem with having two housemates: sharing the one bathroom to get ready for work. Going into default gentility mode, I let the ladies go first. Went to work at around 9:30am. Wound up being the first person to arrive. This worried me. Apparaently, my team lead, and department supervisor all (eventually) called in sick an hour later. When I become the first person to arrive at my job *and* acting head, worry. Even my co-workers arrived late. Looks like I'm one of the few that do not have the flu which has appeared this weekend. It already claimed some of hammercock's housemates. I just hope it hasn't claimed hammercock yet.
On Friday, I have been informed that I will be coordinating with the Automation department of my company. This means more responsibilities. It looks like this may be a career after all. This, once again, brings the age-old dilemna I've been having about choosing between the life I had and a new life with responsibilities and more grown-up woes. I should count my blessings that I have a well-paying job and a stable poly relationship with a lovely redhead. The trick is to find time to do everything I want. It's hard to prepare for the next day's intinerary at work while setting up B5 campaign turns and talking to hammercock on YIM. And then there is the planning of Intercon XVII, Legends, and Shadowdawn. Cancelled Dark Summonings to ease the sanity a little bit. More and more, I'm beginning to realize that to indulge in one activity means to sacrifice another. I feel like a grown-up. I hate being a grown-up.
I miss the care-free life I once had filled with slacking and hacking. Being with people reminds me of it.
This will be the last Monday night I will have off before I start classes in Stress Mechanics at Northeastern. Hope it is better than the thermodynamics course I took.
Just received noticed that one of my online purchases was cancelled. This was the one with the entertainment center and computer desk. *sigh*
Need another vacation, or at least access to a cloning facility.
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