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So much time, so little to do. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it. I've been...distracted recently. Hard to keep track of current events. Just found out that an old friend came back for the Fall term recently. Still debating over whether or not to take another class at Northeastern, especially after the last one in thermodynamics. Recently said good-bye to questioner after her quick visit from SF. Hard to get what she said during a dinner mob out of my head. Nearly pissed me off. I'm better now. It has come to my conclusion that my friends are as cerebral as the Next Generation cast. I'm not a philosopher, though I can bullshit like one. I'm a warrior.
Nearly done unpacking at Barad Dur. I know that it's been over 2.5 weeks, but there was so much stuff to clean out, especially when dealing with the last remnants of my predecessor, which includes food that expired last year. I just hope that I don't have to be the responsible one in my house. One gets tired of it after a while, especially in Cabal. However, I've spent more time with hammercock than with my own room. Don't get me started on sleep (the few hours that I do get sleep). This week will change all that with her other boyfriend coming from Baltimore for a visit. The joys of being poly. I don't feel any jealousy, envy, or trepidation regarding the visit, but it does help that I will be going to Legends this weekend. I'll be lucky if I can see her before I leave.
Still need to return some tapes, games, and DVDs to various video stores from all over Cambridge. I do have an incentive to get a game system for the house, but I'll wait until my finances are a little clearer. Recently purchased a guillotine and the 4th season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The former is for Legends. Still need to create a boffer. My sword skills have been a little rusty. I hope a quick workout regimen can change that. Need to shed a few pounds to fight dark elves and Fey.
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