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Just got back from Manray. Had a little too much to drink. Don't worry, this is the fun drunk kind (as opposed to the bad drunk kind when one throws up. Yuck.) So many people in great Goth garb. It was my personal escape after spending until 7:15pm working. It sucked.
Before, Manray was a place to hang with poly people and gaze at Goth gear and fine, foxy Goth ladies. Now, I just take my frustrations (about the day's work) at the pool table, occasionally with a regular. Don't know her real name, but for now I'll call her 8BallCorset because she's a pool huslter in a lovely red corset. Came close to beating her (went down to the last shot). Oh well. Lots of dancing, but I must get ready for work and B5 Wars Campaign.
QUestioner is in town. Should get together with her before she leaves for SF on a more permanent basis.
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