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I wish I could get back the last three days. 3-day spy games are becoming too slow for my taste. But this is in regards to the game. It was however great to work with the players. Old friends. New frosh. Fine, foxy ladies to talk to. Unfortunately, I cannot give away the details of game. All I can say is that I thought my character was too restrictive in personality. It felt like Legends all over again. (Long story) I wished Auror was there, but she fell ill yesterday. Alas, my ability to speak to her seems to decline when she is in so much discomfort. I brought her tissues and apple juice and held her hand. I didn't know what else to do at the time.
In addition to that, I found out through a last-minute notice that my Northeastern class was cancelled. It was supposed to give me something to do in the weekday evenings when Auror and others are tooling. Sometimes it's usually myself with my computer when they're busy. I need to be around people more often. With a comment comparing me to a cyborg, I sometimes feel like my humanity is dwindling. I seek further female companionship.
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