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Cosmic Joke (aka Big Rant)

Sometime during the middle of last night, I started pondering about several trivial events. Friends, exes, etc., keep telling me how they have bad days or bad vacations. I listen. Then I hear things like:
"Many women are attracted to me. I don't know what to do."
"My vacation to the Caribbean was lousy due to bad service (or other trivial reason)."
"I had no cable when I was a kid. It was hell."

*in most sarcastic voice*
I feel *SO* sorry for them.

There's something about those who have everything and are still not happy, who talk about hell. They don't know hell.

Hell is not knowing if you are going to eat today because you can't afford food.
Hell is not knowing if you will be kicked out of your home because the rent is a little too pricy (at $400/month).
Hell is bleeding and having only Tylenol as medicine because you can't afford a check-up.
Hell is being afraid the authorities will come to your door.
Hell is seeing family members getting into fist fights with each other.
Hell is seeing the other family members just not caring.

My mother and I have seen it and lived it. Then I hear people with well-to-do backgrounds and caring parents angsting about their bad day. I still don't know whether to laugh or not at this. If people saw the world through my eyes, they would cringe in terror.
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