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In Transition

Still dealing with packing and moving. I have a lot of stuff for only one room. This Saturday is the magic date. Unfortunately, it will be early in the morning due to the reservations. This will not be pretty. The only bright spot is that I have little furniture to transport. It's mostly boxes. The more people who will help the better.
On a different note, I'm dealing well with the recent round of layoffs. I still have the job, but a lot of friends that I made at the company over the months didn't. Went to sort of a post-mortem hosted by one of them. Got poisoned by beet soup. Other than that, it was fun.
The combination of heat stroke and sleep dep is not helping matters right now. Decided to take some time off. Three work days: (1) one to sleep, (2) one to disappear somewhere, and (3) one to go hot tubbing in Northampton (long story). Still don't know what to do about #2. Any suggestions.

On a random note, based on how my current relationship is going, I seriously recommend Dr. Iago's stress-reducing treatment: (1) Get food, (2) Get ice cream/chocolate (does not count as food), (3) get laid, (4) get sleep. Oh, what have I been missing all my life! Hmmmmm.
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