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Need replacement brains

Got my brain broken for a while this week. The person whose place I'm replacing in 2 weeks almost told me that it would be 1 week instead. For a while, my packing schedule was messed up.
My company is expecting another round of layoffs, my eighth since I joined almost 2 years ago. Don't know if I'll survived this one.
Visited bester and rigel. Played a quick game of Starfleet Battles while viewing something called Pikmin played by Claymore. Found out that I won't be cast in a 3-day the following weekend. So much for seeing rigel in 1940s Veronica Lake meets Lana Turner look. Was looking forward to flirting with her. Couldn't make it to Claymore's birthday mob tomorrow due to run. (So much for beach blanket babes).
Hammercock just showed me two things online that nearly broke me:
(1) chocolate brains. Yum. Give me the brains.
(2) Leonard Nimoy (yes, THAT Leonard Nimoy) singing about The Hobbit.

I can't feel my toes.
I think I need a hug.

I'm fine now.

On a very positive note:
There are moments in which I wonder. Last night, hammercock was feeling down. The first thing that came to my head was to get there. Next thing I know, I was running to Davis with movies and later pizza. It was almost instinctive. I wanted to cheer her up. We laughed over Robin Williams stand-up and Michael Palin documentaries (talk about contrast). She was happy again. That made me happy.
I remind myself of a Minbari ritual that involves watching someone to see their true face. She mentions me on occasion being at peace. I wish I can do that more often. With class, moving, and work, my conscious life has been anything but peaceful. I miss that peace. This has been one crazy summer.
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