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Wow. Never knew how much I missed the trips to Otis until recently. It was my personal getaway, especially since I completed weeks of working hell. I was invited by auror to stay for the weekend at Otis along with the rest of the Shadowdawn group. This invitation was extended to hammercock. For the first time, the group was introduced to hammercock who I've been seeing for the past ___. Everybody seemed to got along with each other considering I made the misfortune of not giving enough of a warning. My bad.
Then the fun started. Like OPN, I was amazed as to how people were connected like the Six Degrees of Separation. It was great. Had to be on my best behavior with hammercock which was OK (though I should have warned her about watching "Hudson Hawk")
Games were played for hours at a time. Never though I would carry the plague to Philadelphia (or was it D.C.) in Cults Across America. I decided, as a gesture of appreciation for the invitation, to get an ice cream maker. Unfortunately, being a novice in ice cream making, I didn't realize how long the primary bowl had to be frozen before any attempt was made. Eventually, a strong minty batch was created for everyone. Oh, the joys of dating a multiple Baitcon attendee :).
Then came the tubing.
Still ouch.

Pulled some twists, flips, and wipeouts during many water tubin rides. Got abrasions on my hands, bruises on my legs and butt, and busted arms (from index finger to shoulder). I was in so much pain when I woke up to go to work. The pain still hasn't subsided. Would I do it again?


Thermodynamics was boring, but not for obvious reasons. A few students are just slowing down the pace of the class. When I took 2.005, I learned the past three weeks in the first few days. The slow pace is just driving me crazy. And they keep asking these trivial questions, especially involving the software used (Nobody gives a ^$&% as to why the function statement is all caps). Just now, in the fourth week, do I learn ideal gases. And the professor just gave us an extra week to take a take-home test. I did an all-nighter for nothing. I'm too used to the MIT pace. I think fast, I ask fast. Working with the machines made me think like one.
The only time this is not the case is when I deal with certain people.
Speaking of other people, I've really enjoyed the time I spend with hammercock. I just don't want to screw it up.
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