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4th of July (aka a Tale of Two Circles)

It has been an enjoyable holiday. It started with a birthday mob for PetShopGirl. Dinner at Asgard followed by MIIB. Never before have I been eager for trailers for sequels. Saw the T3 trailer for the first time. Finally, after 11 years a new Terminator film. The new Two Towers trailer kicks ass along with the Star Trek: Nemesis preview. I still don't know what the *%$^% they were smoking when "Blue Crush" was created.
This was the first time I introduced hammercock to my friends. It will take a little while longer for a complete introduction. I admit I gave little warning to both sides. (I like surprises too well apparently.) Earlier this evening I was introduced to more of her friends for a 4th of July party. It was a tad warmer that I expected, but I had a great time. It'll take a time before both of us are fully introduced to each other's social circles, but it will be fun.
Here I am right now getting ready for a trip after work. Hammercock will be introduced to the Shadowdawn group for the first time, including auror. This will
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