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Words cannot express the weekend I had. Then again, I have no intention to try. I left run on Satruday to go on my second date with hammercock.

If you haven't guessed already, she is CL. Something about redheads....

Anyway, I got a little carried away with bringing sushi and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Delicious combination I admit. Tamago is addictive. After which, there was an attempt to watch "Galaxy Quest" on DVD. 4.5 years of MIT, and I can't attach both the sound system or the video jack of a DVD player. It was embarassing, but she didn't mind. Instead, I was exposed to the wonderful world of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Saw "Eegah!".

A pause now to be thankful of the day we as a nation said "No" to Yahoo Serious.

This has been my MST3K moment.

Either way, it was the perfect geek date. And it all started with a Livejournal comment and OPN. So, it's now open. Going to go out on an MIIB mob Wednesday with some of my friends. Hope things go well. We are just now introducing each other to our friends.
Just RSVPed an invitation to go back to Otis this weekend. It would be exactly one year since my last visit. It's a beautiful place to escape with friends.
Now if I can only get that script done for work. Just when my personal life is improving, my professional life is going blah. Karma's a pain, but I'll deal. I have a smile on my face at work for the first time in a while. It helps to have dictionaroke. I'll let you find out what it is :)
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