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I'm calm now. Work should be less of a week of hell compared to last week. Now I can look forward to seeing Cute Lady again this Tuesday. Hope her weekend was OK. Went to dim sum with questioner earlier this afternoon along with earthdragon, brynndragon, billporn, tivka, et al. It was fun. Questioner was inquiring about the identity of CL, but I continued to maintain her anonymity at least until Tuesday. It's more for CL's sake than my own in a sense that I wanted to see how our first date went before somebody announces to the Livejournal public, and having her avoid the "What were you smoking?" comments. Don't like leaks. Besides, it was having them guess :)
I feel so evil at 3:30 in the morning :)
Unfortunately, with my class tomorrow (or later today), I won't be able to see questioner before she leaves for Stanford for the summer. I wish her well. California is...interesting from what I heard.
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