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Feels like a Gauntlet game.
"Slacker/hacker/code cracker needs sleep to survive."

And yet, I had to come home to wait for a couple of packages. (^%&% UPS. My roommates are lame, hence I have to be physically present when UPS arrives to sign off. Beats taking a cab to the middle of nowhere to pick them up. Can't do the latter tonight since I still have to work late despite my best efforts to arrive early this morning.
Stand by...
Just found out that UPS came and went. Have to take care of this before I go back to work, especially since one of these packages is a new computer with the other being from home.

On a random, more positive note, I spent another night talking to CL, hence the sleep dep. I don't care. It was worth the added insomnia, especially given what happened as a result. Hate to quote "Voyager", but:

Doctor: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
Seven of Nine: "I have a date".

Unfortunately, due to a hectic schedule, I have to wait at least a week before that can happen. Must learn patience (not in the style of Ed Gruberman though). And yet, there will still be trepidation. Whether you are a 24 and poly, 19 and single, 50 and divorced, or 88 and widowed, the first date is always a source of anxiety.

Yes, I have a date with Cute Lady.

Let the apocalyse begin. :)

Just found out that she told her mother about me. Wow. Tempted to do the same thing with my family. For now, ignorance is bliss, especially since they (being Catholics) don't even know that I'm poly. I still haven't forgotten their less-than-pleasant reaction when I told them about auror. They keep giving me the "It's too soon" lecture. Two months is long enough for me. Besides, they have worse problems to deal with. (long story)

I'm really looking forward to next week. Not looking forward to the rest of this week though.
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