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Wierd dream

I should probably write as much as I can given that I woke up 10 minutes ago. Strange dream. I was a Jedi Knight in battle. This wasn't Geonosis, but rather more of the Highlands of Scotland or Naboo with its lush green fields. I wasn't alone. There were other Jedi knights beside me getting ready for battle. We had lightsabers drawn of nearly more colors than in the movies so far: gold, amber, more purple, white, brown, etc.) Beside us was not the clone army but rather General Thade's army from the bad remake of "Planet of the Apes". We were charging towards the battlefield. Instead of droids, we enoucntered Medieval British jousters charging toward us with lances. There were dozens of them coming at me, but I was able to slice them in just a few seconds (I think my blade was red). Then I turned around to find questioner, who was a Jedi knight before, was now charging me with a mini-lance. In less than one second, almost instinctively, I knocked her weapon off, spun around, and stabbed her right through her heart. The blade went right through to the point in which the holder touched her chest. There was a stunned look on her face when I did it, as if trying to say "What are you doing?". Obviously she couldn't because I just punctured her lung along with a few more vitals.

Then I woke up.

Don't know what to make of it.
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