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Week of Hell

This is not the week I'm having but the week I will have. My job had this huge deadline that I'm trying to meet. I'm going back to work after this entry (yes, at three in the morning). Couldn't sleep even if I tried. And yet, I wonder why I'm doing this. I've been burnt after almost two years of service to my company. The pay is good, but sometimes the cost is too great. Twice, I lost relationships to new releases. It seems like I lost my sanity many more times. Just feel worn out at 24 with no long-term purpose. I refer to the words of the late Kirk: "I was like you once... so worried about duty and obligations that I couldn't see anything past my own uniform. And in the end, what did it get me? An empty house.

Unfortunately, this is not the time to sulk. I have to be like my Gundam alter ego, if only for a few days: cold, relentless, silent, and with the ability to push. I am *so* not going to enjoy next week.
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