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Today and CLs

Jedi Starfighter is addictive. Hung out with rigel and bester. It was a break before I continue my week/month of hell at work. Rigel was cute as always. However, I missed this week's OPN as a result. Then again, it was hosted by a stranger. The CL's refer to Cute Ladies. Most people post in Livejournal about Cute Boys or Cute Girls. I call them Cute Ladies because...well...they're at least 21 (some are even older than I am). My recent talk with questioner made me re-evaluate my taste in women. Unlike most of the "normals", I don't like super-skinny women. I like quirks. I like imperfections. My father would comment that "He [my brother] goes after the bones. [I] go after the meat". I see past that in people, and they call me wierd. Don't want sanity if that's the case. Long story. Could be the sleep dep.

In which case, I have 2 random thoughts:
RT 1:
Londo: "Have I ever told you, that you are very cute, for a minbari. Oh and you are cute too, in an annoying sort way. Everybody's cute. Everybody's cute. Even me. But in purple, I am stunning. "

RT 2:
Just found out that the actor who played Raul in "UHF" (Raul's Wild Kingdom) was killed during film production. Apparently, he followed the poodles.
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