Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

Last Night

Apparently, I'm not 100% well. The digestive system is not a coordinated unit. My brain processes no appetite, but my stomach reacts to emptiness while my intestines are still skeptical about anything that comes through. I was ambitious and ordered a chicken dinner from Pops. I tell this tale vilely...

Miscalculating the date of big_jewfro's party (still kicking myself, I know), hammercock and I had two tickets to "Jerry Springer: The Opera". Yes, Jerry Springer. Yes, an opera. Yes, we actually waited five years to watch this ever since we saw it headline on Drury Lane in London.

And, yes, we felt dirty before, during, and after watching this, especially since it all worked. It brought back memories of adolescence as I saw the actual show. (Before I discovered porn or sex, I discovered Jerry Springer.) The opera was accurate, right down to lime green pumps, leopard print miniskirts, men in diapers, and tap-dancing Klansmen. We had our pictures taken with the cast. I still remember one of the cast members from "The Mystery of Edwin DROOD" as Princess Puffer.

After the show, we walked and took the #1 to Harvard where we had a sundae at J.P. Lick's before it closed.
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