Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

The Terminator films

I keep hearing mediocre reviews about the upcoming film "Terminator: Salvation". I'll see it anyway, since I'm a fan of the story (and still pissed at the sudden cancellation of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"). But, once again, the trailers have missed an opportunity to provide an added element of suspense and surprise.

Example: Try to ignore the trailers for T2. When seeing the film, you see the original T-800, Model 101: bulky, mean, and aggressive. To your knowledge, he's the same killer machine from the original Terminator film that gunned down an entire police station. Then there's Robert Patrick's character. He looks human. He interacts better with the mundanes. For all we know, he only punched the police office and stole his clothes. There is still ambiguity in which one is protecting John Connor until the T-800 says "Get down!"
However, as you know, because of the trailers, we knew in advance that the T-800 is the protector this time around.

Now, from what I hear, there is a character named Marcus Wright who's last memory was being on death row before waking up to find that it's 2018 and there is a war going on. Unfortunately, thanks to the trailers, we are spoiled to find out that he's a terminator with memories implanted.
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