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Back to School

Just came home from having sushi in honor of bester's. Had an unusual meal which was served on a boat (the Gizma Cruise) It was fun. The sake was OK considering that it was my first time. I was able to spread the word about Cirque du Soleil tickets that I purchased. I have a few extras that I need to sell by August 9th showing. Hopefully, that won't be a problem.
With the sushi mob, I was unable to attend OPN this evening. Have to wait another two weeks. Too bad. I was hoping to talk to hammercock. Now the weeks of insomnia and a stomach full of sushi is getting to me. Must avoid the temptation of Heroes III if I'm going to sleep tonight. It got to a point where I would spend 2-3 hours hitting the snooze button. Not good. I can't do this next week since I am going back to school. Albeit it's one class at Northeastern, but I'll be spending early Monday evening learning thermodynamics hoping to boost the GPA a little bit for grad school. Just got the class confirmation in the mail today. Feels great to be a student again.
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