Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton


Stonehedge Inn has been good for anniversaries. I can see myself making a tradition out of it. Though it was painful to go to a place notorious for having the largest wine stock in New England and not drink anything. It was all about the resting, massages, salt baths, food, and...well I'm not telling you :)
On a Wednesday in early April, the place is usually deserted with the exception of the occasional seminar. One either enjoys the notion of every inn/spa/restaurant worker waiting on you instantly or feels uncomfortable at the Ghost Town surroundings. Personally, hammercock and I liked the peace and quiet for 24 hours.
We both had Thursday off, so we bummed around Tyngsboro for Sullivan Farms ice cream. We also had Bedford Farms ice cream.

Note to self: Bubble gum ice cream and blue raspberry sherbert are not to be eaten concurrently.

We made a brief stop in Concord for some shopping for cheese and ceramics. It was fun and relaxing until rehearsals.
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