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Interesting Quiz

Stole this off of someone.

First crush: Mary Lou Retton, age 6

First kiss: Heather Ross, 2nd grade

First time to have sex:

Single or attached?: Single.

Date around or tied down?: I'm single and poly. Hard to tell in Boston.

Ever been in love?: Used to.

Do you believe in love at first sight?: Once did.

Do you believe in "the one?": Again, once did.

Have you ever skinny dipped?: Nope.

If so, been caught?: See above.

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: Long story.

Have you ever been intoxicated?: Hell yeah.

Favorite place to be kissed?: Don't know the perfect place, but playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" or Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight" is a plus.

Have you ever been caught "doing something?": Nope.

Are you a tease?: Never been called a teast before.

Significant Other: No.

Boxers or briefs?: Boxers.

Long or short hair?: No preference, though I can't understand the female fascination with guys that have long hair.

Dark or light hair?: Brunettes are good. I'm so a sucker for redheads.

Eye color: Unique to describe (i.e. ecliptic or marble)

Short or tall?: No preference.

Sensitive or Funny?: No preference.

Good girl or bad girl?: I prefer someone less fucked up than I am.

Piercings?: None yet. Don't mind dating a cyborg.

Perfume: Hell no.

Snowboarders or surfers?: Snowboarding. I like snow better.

Greek or geek?: Geek.

Tan or fair?: No preference.

Outdoorsy or sporty?: No preference.

Accent or none?: Accents are cool.

Feature you notice first: Everything

Are you (a) . . .

Wuss: Unknown
Druggie: No.
Gang member: No.
Daydreamer: Oh yeah.
Alcoholic: Not yet.
Freak: Yes.
Dork: Yes.
Bitch/Asshole: Given recent events, yep.
Brat: No
Sarcastic: Of course.
Goody-goody: Too much unfortunately.
Horny: Oh yeah.
Shy: Very often.
Talkative: No, I'm Trowa Barton, the quietest of all the Gundam pilots.

Adventurous: Want to be.
Joker: Favorite Batman movie villain
Pimp/Playa: I wish
Sporty: Does billiards count?
Intelligent: Not as much as I want to be.
Flirty: I wish.
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