Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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Not Liking Mondays Right Now

As I look at a bloodied bandage covering my pinkie...
I tell this tale vilely.
I knew that there would be ice and freezing rain. I was actually trying to cautiously go down the stairwell at my place on my way to work.
I wasn't so surprised to slip and slam my bottom on the top step and my ankle on a lower step. Standard procedure would be to just act like your sliding down to the bottom.

Except that the banister has many iron parts that a hand can get caught in. So, my body goes one way, one of my fingers is stuck, pinched, gashed, and twisted as it is stubbornly stuck. Not pretty. That was my favorite cuticle. Did a mad dash to treat it since I was late for work. The verdict is still out over whether I was nauseous from the blood or the immense pain in trying to move my finger. The pain from hitting the steps seemed trivial in comparison.

Right now, nothing is broken, but I'm not looking forward to changing that bandage as it is still throbbing.
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