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Dream for an Insomniac

This seems to happen every single time at around 3-4am. I wake up at 8-9am groggy and exhausted due to sleep deprivation. After work, I want to crash, but instead I'm glued to my computer (whether for personal research, games, or web surfing). I have all this free time on my hands during the weekend, but it feels like there isn't enough of it.
Today is Tuesday, which means a new Buffy episode with rigel, bester, and maybe sonata960. This also means a whole lot of angst at Space-Time with hopefully some slaying, anime, and Grand Theft Auto III. Hope to speak with rigel again (maybe on the matter of hypocrisy on both sides). I've been trying to get out more. It is with regret that I had to miss Legends due to miscellaneous reasons.
Played B5 Wars with earthdragon and kurgan last night until 2am in the morning. It gave me ideas for my campaign and how to progress it. Note: You know you're a Babylon 5 fan when you try to buy a Mira Furlan (Delenn) video from 1986.
Now I have this sudden urge to go to the Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. It seems to be the only place to get a decent double espresso. The old cafe near where I worked (which sold triple espressos) closed a few weeks ago.
Oh, the joys of insomnia.
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