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Drained but happy

Just returned from an interesting weekend at Legends. Now I feel like crap.

I admit the timing was off in that I got my wisdom teeth removed the day before I had to leave. According to my dentist, I could return to work right after the procedure since the teeth weren't impacted. He said that the bleeding would stop after a few hours.

My dentist is a fucking liar.

I bled for two days and fell dizzy during work on many occasions. Had to change the gauze pads in my mouth every 15-30 minutes. People have kept commenting that I shouldn't have gone to Legends after such an ordeal. The truth is I wanted to go. I've been wanting to go for months now since the last event. I miss the role-playing and the boffer combat and the interaction with people who I would not see on any other event. My character is a clown, hence he is supposed to be happy-go-lucky and amusing. It was great feeling that even though I was cold, sick, and in so much pain. I needed that escape if only for a few days. My body was giving me problems the entire weekend. If it wasn't the mouth bleeding, my eyes would irritate, blurring my vision (making it hard to juggle). If it wasn't the eyes, my immune system was workin overtime, causing a fever earlier this afternoon.

Of course, I wasn't stupid. I didn't engage in many rigorous activities and brought enough blankets and medicine to keep my comfortable. But most important it was the people. That interaction was better medicine than staying at Cabal the entire weekend and not seeing anyone.

Anyway, I'm back now. My clothes need washing. My body needs a shower, food, meds, and sleep.
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