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Much Better (Sort of)

I'm a little coherent since this morning. This is mostly due to (1) pumping myself full of meds since 8am, and (2) a little nap I took on my lunch break. I'm not as sick as I was, but I'm not up to 100% power. I still feel drained.

On a random note, I'm still apartment hunting. Tempted to get a single. Even though it's expensive, I don't have to worry about roommates. It's probably due to the lack of social contact I have with my current roommates. In the meantime I have a choice:
(1) Stay where I am. Meaning I renew my lease for another year near Central Square with easy access to Manray, Star, Blockbuster and restaurants. This also means dealing with cats and a decaying building for another year.
(2) Move into a place I found near Lechmere. It's cleaner, quieter, and friendlier. It has a skyline and (best of all) no cats. I will be paying a couple of hundred more, and the room is smaller with no closet space, but the kitchen is bigger and I have access to a living room with books and shelves.

Tough decision.

This week I will be busy with non-work issues including (1) getting ready for Legends. After a five month absence, I've been out of shape with my act (I play a clown). Been jugging to catch up. P.S. Jacque is repaired.
(2) make a decision about my living conditions.
(3) finish the rules to my new B5 Wars Campaign
(4) finally get a package sent by my mother (UPS sucks).
(5) deal with bills (again)
(6) deal with the possibility of getting a much needed vacation.
(7) interact more with people and stop being an asshole.

Running on reserves to do all this.
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