Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

Movie Watcher's Log

I forgot to post about this since it happened last Friday.

2119: "10,000 B.C.": I saw this mostly because of timing. hammercock was on a date, and I needed time to kill. Previous attempts at calling people failed. Besides, I could easily perform a surgical strike on Boston by myself: Go in, eat as much as possible, see stores as quickly as possible, disappear like I never existed. That's a shadowstrike. I decided to go to Durgin Park to celebrate my ability to eat solids after a deep tissue cleaning the day before. This was playing at the Common when I finished. I needed something mind numbing (the alternative was seeing "The Counterfieters" at the Kendall). I got my wish. Didn't eat popcorn for like the second or third time ever.
Typical trial by fire/test of manhood storyline famous in films like Star Wars or Eragon (still shuddering). Inconsistent plot. Lousy dialogue, but it's not like you should be expecting cavemen reciting Shakespeare. The less I say about the ability for the characters to go from a snowy mountain to a tropical jungle to a desert in a few days, the better.
The real bright point: Seeing the new "Dark Knight" trailer. Heath Ledger's finest performance (and I saw "Brokeback Mountain").
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